Argireline Botox Alternative- Does it help Wrinkles?

Botox on Forehead wrinkles

A question we hear a lot is “What exactly is Argireline Botox Alternative (one of the components of our anti-wrinkle Peptide Serum, GenaViVe)?” and “Does it help Wrinkles like Botox?”  Argireline has become a staple in Cosmetic products and Anti-aging skincare, because of its Botox-like effect on wrinkles. What is Botox and how does it […]

GenaViVe Peptide Botox Alternative. Real Results!

GenaViVe Peptide Serum Botox Alternative  Peptide Serum by SkinSurrection

GenaViVe Peptide Botox Alternative GenaVive Topical Peptide Wrinkle-remover and Age-reversing Peptide Serum by SkinSurrection is our new powerful Botox alternative.   Our peptide serum is a scientifically based formulation which combines the power of multiple bioactive peptides, which have been shown to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in a manner that is reminiscent […]