I changed my dark spots, hyperpigmentation with XOLIA, the Rapid Skin Lightening, Skin Bleaching lotion and products for Black Skin and All Skin types.


Change The Skin You're In. Your Way! And Fast. XOLIA by SkinSurrection is 10 times more Powerful than the Gold Standard Skin Lightener. This means it works fast.

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XOLIA by SkinSurrection

Xolia is A Gentle, Rapid Skin whitener and Lightener, Brightener that works. I developed this product after battling skin discoloration/hyperpigmentation I suffered after an severe allergic reaction. No over the counter products helped it. My background is in Chemistry and Biochemistry. So I did some research, tried many, many products and I developed a formulation that not only lightened the dark spot and dark skin areas but also lightened my face and body. It didn't burn or sting. Xolia is a dark spot remover for the face and body, which contains no Hydroquine, no Mercury, and no Steroids. It slows down the melanin production and you will notice a difference in the 6-8 weeks it takes for the skin to turn over. It should be applied twice-a-day on the effected dark areas, until the desired lightening has occurred. The lotion also contains moisturizing agents and emollients for the skin.
Stay tuned for additional products coming soon. Working on soap, cream, microneedling/dermarolling/dermaoen compatible serum and supplements to complement the process.