Hydroquinone Skin Lightening Creams: Answers

Hydroquinone can cause darkening. This is called Ochronosis

Hydroquinone Skin Lightening Creams and Hyperpigmentation: What You Need to Know Hydroquinone is considered the “gold standard” for treatment of dark spots and other hyperpigmentation problems. It is present in a variety of nonprescription skin lightening creams and in skin lightening ointments and creams that require a doctor’s prescription. Hydroquinone can be found in a […]

A Skin Lightening Lotion – XOLIA. Let’s Lighten Up!

Skinsurrection XOLIA Hyperpigmentation and Skin Lightening Lotion for Black skin

You can love the skin you’re in.  Or, you can change it if you want.  The choice is yours, and yours alone.   We could discuss the psycho-social issues around changing the tone or complexion of your skin at some point, but you wouldn’t be reading this blog had you not already considered those issues and […]


Skinsurrection is a revolution of sorts.  Our approach is different.  We use the latest research and technology to improve your skin.  One special area of concern is Hyperpigmentation, dark spots or darkened areas of the skin.  These skin discolorations detract from having the best skin you can have.   Whether you have a freckle, an age […]