GenaViVe reflects a new era for SkinSurrection.

GenaViVe reflects a new era for SkinSurrection.  You may know us for our XOLIA family of rapid Hyperpigmentation products.  GenaViVe was brought to market because of  YOUR REQUEST and DEMAND. “Changing the Skin You’re In” is our motto.  It represents our commitment to bring our client’s better skin. This includes not just addressing Hyperpigmentation, uneven complexion, sunspots, darks spots and melasma we […]

Rapid Hyperpigmentation Solution XOLIA lotion by Skinsurrection

Hyperpigmentation and other discolorations are a troublesome skin issue for many people.  Years of trying multiple products with little change makes the process all the more frustrating. We hear you. XOLIA Lotion for Hyperpigmentation treatment is what you have been waiting for. We created XOLIA Hyperpigmentation product line to address most forms of Hyperpigmentation.  It is the Gentle, Rapid […]


Skinsurrection is a revolution of sorts.  Our approach is different.  We use the latest research and technology to improve your skin.  One special area of concern is Hyperpigmentation, dark spots or darkened areas of the skin.  These skin discolorations detract from having the best skin you can have.   Whether you have a freckle, an age […]